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Institute for Management and Planning studies


The Institute for Management and Planning Studies (IMPS)


Definition and Objectives

Aiming at doing research concerning planning and development, "the Institute for Management and Planning Studies" affiliated to the Vice Presidency for Strategic Planning and Control, was established.



The institute was established

·         To do the required studies and research in the fields of economic, social and cultural planning and development.

·         To do research in order to achieve the best and most appropriate skills and methods of planning, and identify the problems and propose solutions to remove the obstacles in the field of planning and budgeting

·         To hold theoretical and practical educational courses in the field of social, economic and cultural planning and development

·         To increase the planners awareness and technical knowledge

·         To collect and publish the documents pertaining to planning, preparation of  plans, and budgeting, particularly in case of Iran  

·         To publish educational, research, informational, and statistical journals in the fields of development and planning

·         To cooperate with the Vice Presidency for Strategic Planning and Control, ministries, and public organizations in order to present theoretical and practical educational courses, supply the technical work force, and provide advisory services within the responsibilities of the institute  

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