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Institute for Management and Planning studies


Missions and Objectives of the Institute for Management and Planning Studies (IMPS)

in Education Section


·         To identify educational gaps and requirements of the countrys managerial system and train the required technical staff


·         To empower managers through the development of comprehensive professional and specialized trainings encompassing all levels of management


·         To promote knowledge-basedness in the managerial organs of the country through the provision of professional and specialized trainings


·         To systematize the educational and research activities of the educational and research management of provinces in order to develop education and research in the country   


·         To develop the government staff training on management, planning, and administrative skills in order to achieve evolution in administration and Information Technology


·         To elaborate an appropriate mechanism to provide higher education within the institutions goals


·         To prepare the ground for common higher education courses, national and international conferences, and scientific and educational workshops

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