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Institute for Management and Planning studies


Missions and Objectives of the Institute for Management and Planning Studies (IMPS)

In Research Section


·         To support and promote schools and patterns of thought in development, and the knowledge produced in the field of management, planning and development


·         To Prepare the ground for common higher education courses, national and international conferences, and scientific and educational workshops


·         To elaborate models and present a model of development based on the international investigations and comparative studies  in order to determine the national macro-strategies, with a tendency of localization


·         To develop the infrastructural and applied research in the field of management and planning - administrative development and evolution at national level


·         To functionally broadcast and promote the economic concepts – planning, development and management- at organizational and national levels


·         To assess and measure the comprehensive progress and development at national level based on scientific criteria


·         To Scientifically support innovation in management and planning systems and processes


·          To develop mutual research cooperation at national level using the potentials available in different parts of the country via the provincial management of education and research


·         To efficiently build culture and develop the informational system using relevant modern technologies to produce, exchange and transfer the knowledge of management, planning and development


·         To provide an appropriate ground for a multilateral interaction among scientific and research centers in order to meet the needs of the management and macro-planning system of the country


·         To provide the ground for experts and scholars, researchers, and students in the field of management, planning and development to exchange their ideas and thoughts


·         To institutionalize the scientific-research-based thinking in administrative affairs in economic, political, and social aspects


·         To develop and expand interactive cooperation with government organizations and institutions within the scientific communities in the country


·        To boost the capacity of national decision-making system in scientific thinking based on the research achievements in national and international level

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